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What you need to know

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Yankton, South Dakota, area, here is what you need to know before starting your search. Reach out to me with any additional questions!

For Buyers

3 Steps to Buying a Home

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or moving into a new house for sale in Yankton, here are three steps to buying a home:

  1. Contact an Experienced Realtor: Don’t just call anyone to start the home buying process. Give me a call at 605-215-1776 today or use my online contact form to submit any questions you might have. I have the experience and knowledge to get your questions answered.
  2. Begin House Hunting: Send me a wishlist of home location and features you’re interested in, and I will help you search for your dream home.
  3. Close the Deal: Now that you’ve found your home it’s time to close! I will help you make an offer, get an inspection, and more.

Guide to Buying Your First Home

Are you looking for your first home? It can be a daunting task. To make it easier, here is my guide to buying your first home:

  1. Watch the Market: Find homes in your price range and monitor how long it is taking them to sell.
  2. Gather Your Paperwork: This includes tax returns from the last two years, bank statements from the last three months and current pay stubs.
  3. Check Your Credit Score
  4. Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage
  5. Determine Your Housing Needs: Create a wishlist of what your dream home looks like.
  6. Contact a Trusted Real Estate Agent: I am here to help! Give me a call or fill out an online form to contact me.

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For Sellers

3 Tips for Selling a Pet Friendly Home

If you have a pet and are looking to sell your home, here are tips on how to keep your property clean for potential buyers:

  1. Relocate Your Pet During an Open House
  2. Eliminate Pet Odor
  3. Get Rid of Pet Hair and Stains

Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Are you selling your home? Here are the most common home-selling mistakes to avoid when selling your home in Yankton:

  1. Your Asking Price is too High: Setting the right asking price on your own is challenging. You don’t it to be too low or too high. Contact me to help you get the asking price right.
  2. Ignoring Home Repairs: Home repairs increase the value of your property. Taking the time to paint or fix an issue is well worth it when it comes to selling.
  3. Not Having Insurance: Homeowner’s insurance is very important, especially when selling a home. If you don’t have it and a prospective buyer has an accident at your home that results in injury, you could be sued. 
  4. Being Unaware of Selling Expenses: When selling your home, you may run into some expenses. These could include home inspection repairs, staging costs, seller concessions, a share of the closing costs and agent commissions.


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